Gmc White Cabover

The truck mod is now available for download.




2 Cabins, “short cabin and long cabin”
4 chassis “4×2/6×4”
Tank supports
Interchangeable side lights.
8 types of bumpers.
Chassis, “black, alum, red, paintable
24 types of exhaust, “12 singles, 12 doubles
7 types of front fenders
7 types of rear fenders
Intake filter, “chrome, plastic, paintable”
2 types of rear air filters
3 Grills
3 air horns
4 ront logs
gps cabin
Door accessories emblems
Mirrors “single, double”
Fenders, “4×2/6×4”
3 rear bumpers
11 interior leather colors
11 interior bed colors
11 seats leather colors
11 wood colors for board
steering wheel dlc compatibility
10 sunshield
7 types of trailer hitch cables
5 types of upper spoiler, “chrome, printable”
2 tanks, “chrome, alum, paintable”
Rear bumper lights, “interchangeable with slots”

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